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Eyelid Surgery

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Eyelid surgery is a life-changing decision. We want to be sure you are getting the best possible experience and outcome with your eyelid surgery.
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Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery for Droopy Eyelids

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the upper and lower eyelids

As we age, the eyelid skin, just like other skin on the body, loses its elasticity and stretches. The orbital septum (the membrane that holds the normal fat that cushions the eye back) also loosens allowing the fat to come forward making the eyelid look heavy and bulky. Age and heredity are the main causes. However smoking, sun exposure, poor nutrition, seasonal allergies, manipulation of the eyelids during makeup removal or excessive stretching during contact lens insertion and removal also contribute to the problem. If your droopy upper eyelids are interfering with your vision, your medical insurance may help cover the cost.

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Ptosis Repair is a surgical procedure to change the height of the eyelid

Not to be confused with removing excess skin and fatty tissue as in a Blepharoplasty procedure, the lid itself is actually lower than it should be. This can happen on one or both eyelids. The Levator muscle (the muscle that lifts the eyelid) gets weak so the lid itself droops down and may interfere with your vision.

There are many causes of ptosis including age-related weakening of the muscle (the most common cause), congenital weakness, trauma, or sometimes neurological disease. Children may be born with ptosis or may acquire it due to trauma or from neurological reasons. Ptosis Repair surgery is generally covered by your medical insurance if the eyelid is interfering with your vision.

More About Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

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Why Choose an Ophthalmologist?

When choosing a doctor to perform your cosmetic eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) for the removal of excess skin and fat from the upper and lower eyelids, one has to decide between an ophthalmologist or another kind of surgeon.

While plastic surgeons work on all areas of the body, ENT doctors on ears, noses and throats, dermatologists on skin and oral surgeons on the mouth, ONLY ophthalmologists concentrate exclusively on the eyes and eyelids, which is different and unique from all other parts of the body. Also, if an uncommon complication occurs after eyelid surgery, other surgical specialists refer their patients to CarlinVision for care and treatment.

What Our Patients Say

“Decreased peripheral vision. My sister had procedure and highly recommended. Friend recommended CarlinVision as best in the area. Vision greatly improved and my physical appearance improved also. Dr. Tyler is a very talented and competent surgeon. Happy with the results of my surgery. Do it!”

Barbara Rainwater

“My eyes felt heavy and bags under my eyes were hanging over my face mask. Old is ok, but there are options to make one feel and look better. I feel wonderful!  Hesitant? Just do it! You won’t regret the surgery or the healing process. The surgery team should be named “The Dream Team” and Dr. Tyler is awesome!”

Nancy Callahan

“My eyelids continued to droop as I aged and thought surgery would help. Was a breeze and although I looked like I had been in a fight for 3-4 days, I had no discomfort. Eyesight improved, peripheral vision is better, and cosmetically the lids are much improved.”

Jeff Ater

“I could not see my long eyelashes anymore. Side views affected. I can see my eyelashes now and put on eye makeup. People have noticed and say I look younger! Highly recommend! Husband is going to do it since I had such a good outcome. I think Dr. Tyler cares about gentleness as I had very little bruising.”

Claudia White

“Drooping lids were affecting my vision at work and while driving. Dr. Tyler explained the procedure thoroughly and answered all questions. The results have met all expectations. My field of vision is much better. Just do it!”

Ron Byrnes

“My upper lids were interfering with my vision, especially peripheral vision which impaired driving. Wish I had done this sooner. Dr. Tyler was so personable. She explained all the steps and was very thorough in follow-up exams. It was painless and the icepacks they provided were much better than frozen vegetables. Swelling of the surgical area was way less than expected, as was the amount of bruising.”

Susan Mooney