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Fashion Eyewear

Located within CarlinVision in beautiful downtown Snellville, The Optical Boutique offers eyewear for the entire family. We use only the highest grade optical-quality lenses and specialize in digital progressive lenses. Products such as Transitions®, Varilux® Lenses and Crizal® antiglare lenses, to name a few, are available here.

We offer frames for every budget. We also carry many fashion brands such as Coach, Versace, Prada, Fendi, Gucci, Oakley, Maui Jim and Ray Ban to name a few. For those who demand something out of the norm, we offer independent lines.

Browse The Optical Boutique’s Online Gallery. You can virtually try on selected frame styles at your convenience in the comfort of your own home. When you come into the boutique we will discuss your selections to be sure you are selecting a frame style that fits your face and that you will be completely happy with. In case you didn’t know, you’re favorite fashion eyewear is available in prescription sunglasses!

Hot Tip: Adjusting to Your New Eyeglasses

Even More

If you would like to know if we carry a specific brand or accept your insurance, give us a call or fill out our contact form today!

Why Choose Us

Pictured left to right: James Fields LDO (Optician), Michele Perro ABO (Optician), Lisa Fargason LDO (Optician), Scott Baxter ABO (Optician), Troy Young ABO (Optician), Miranda Thomas LDO (Optician), Avril Javier Guerrero (Receptionist)

The professional, caring opticians at The Optical Boutique keep up with the latest optical technology, provide personalized assistance with your frame selection and explain all lens options to help you select the perfect lens for your individual needs. Your comfort and complete satisfaction are very important to us.

With a vast selection and variety of fashion frames for all tastes and budgets, The Optical Boutique’s experienced opticians and staff will help you select the perfect frame shape, size and color to make you look your best.

What Do the Letters Mean?

“ABO,” “LDO,” … You will see letters after the names of many of our optical staff. Here’s what they mean:

  • ABO: American Board of Opticianry
  • LDO: Licensed Dispensing Optician

Seven Reasons Why We Should Make Your Next Pair of Glasses

We use the finest frames and lenses so that your glasses will be dependable and attractive long after they have been purchased. We do not use “seconds”, discontinued or cheap imitations.
Value in eyewear means quality at an affordable price. Our fees reflect the quality of our products and workmanship and yet are competitive with “discount” or “one-hour” stores.
Our competent and caring, specially-trained professionals provide personalized assistance with frame selection and explanation of all lens options. Your comfort and satisfaction are very important to us.
With a very large selection and variety of frames for all tastes and budgets, our experienced staff can help you select the perfect frame shape, size and color to make you look your best.
New lens designs and treatments can make your glasses look thinner and more attractive, feel lighter and be glare-free. We’ll explain and show you all the latest options appropriate for your new glasses.

Effective June 1, 2019

Frame Replacement Warranty

Breakage and Repair
All frames come with a breakage warranty for repair or replacement for a period of one (1) year from the original date of purchase. A one-time replacement of materials identical to those originally purchased will be supplied. A $30.00 service fee will be due at the time of frame replacement request. If the original frame style is no longer available a frame of equal value may be selected. If a frame of greater value is chosen the difference in cost will be charged. If a lesser value frame is chosen the difference will not be refunded.

Lens Replacement Warranty

Damaged Lenses
For a period of one (1) year, from the original date of purchase, scratched or damaged lenses will be eligible for a one-time replacement with new lenses of the same material, style and prescription. A $30.00 service fee will be due at the time of lens replacement.

Progressive Lenses
If unable adapt to progressive lenses, there is a one (1) time replacement with single vision or standard bifocal made at no charge. The offer is valid within thirty (30) days from the original date of pickup. The progressive lens upgrade charge is non-refundable.


Replaced or damaged frames must be returned to The Optical Boutique.

Ask an optician for full details.

To accommodate your busy schedule we offer evening and Saturday hours.

Some of Our Brands

How are we doing?

We are always looking for things we can change, improve upon, new services and other ways we can make you feel more comfortable! If you have recently visited our boutique please click the button below and let us know how we are doing.

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What Clients Say

I just want to comment that CarlinVision is the most professional eye care facility I have ever visited. The optician was especially helpful, took her time and helped me select a perfect pair of glasses.
Barbara M.
I cannot believe the difference in my eyes. It is absolutely wonderful to be able to read signs while driving! I love my glasses – they are so comfortable I forget I’m wearing them. I am sincerely appreciative of what you have done for me.
Nancy M.
I had a wonderful experience at your Optical Boutique. Your opticians are great assets. I thoroughly enjoyed their services, personalities and overall concern to my eye details.
Stephanie M.

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