Tear Duct Obstruction

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If your eye constantly waters, the problem may be due to a blocked tear duct, which is the drainage tube that carries tears out of the eye and down into the nose. The problem may be congenital, which is quite common, and if caught early enough may be solved by merely probing the tear duct. If it occurs as an adult, it may be due to an obstruction in the duct and may be relieved by probing or surgery.

DCR surgeryThe most common surgical procedure is called a dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) which can either be done externally or internally. Externally requires an incision about 1-inch long at the inner corner of the eye, extending along the side of the nose, and allows examination into the duct itself and a success rate of about 90%.

Internally does not require any external incision as it is done through the nose, but does not allow examination into the duct and the success rate is about 80%. Both procedures make a connection between the tear sac and the nose to bypass the obstruction, are done at our surgical center and you will be able to go home right afterwards.