How To Choose Eyeglass Frames For Face Shape

//How To Choose Eyeglass Frames For Face Shape

How To Choose Eyeglass Frames For Face Shape

Have you ever wondered how to choose eyeglass frames for face shape and why there are so many eyeglass frame styles and designers displayed in The Optical Boutique at CarlinVision? The reason is that we offer a selection of styles and pricing to fit everyone’s personality, lifestyle and budget.

How do you choose eyeglass frames to complement your face?

Eyeglass frames should be selected to complement your facial structure. Not everyone has the same shape or size. For example:

Face Shape Examples

Round faces look better with narrow and rectangle or retro-like angled frames which can make your face appear slimmer and longer, and add balance. Avoid rimless, round or small frames which can accentuate roundness.

Square faces look better with round or oval frames which soften and balance the angles, with soft lines and delicate rims. Avoid boxy and large frames which draw attention to a square face’s features.

Oval faces, the most common shape, look better in frames that are wider at the broadest part of the face and are geometric in shape, but any style will do.  Too large may throw off the natural balance and symmetry.

Heat-shaped or diamond faces look better in round or square frames with curved edges to draw attention away from a broad, high forehead. Avoid frames that draw attention to the forehead like embellished tops or decorative temples.

Rectangle shaped faces look better in big or over-sized frames that give the impression of a wider face. Wrap-around sport frames work well. Avoid small styles that draw attention to the narrow features rather than enhancing them.

Does color make a difference in choosing eyeglass frames?

Frame colors should be chosen to complement your facial tones, hair color, eye color, and personal style.

  • Brown-eyed redheads look better in amber, dark tortoise-shell, brown, gold, and olive green. Avoid white, black or contrasting pastels.
  • Blue-eyed blondes look better in silver, black, dark tortoise, pink, purple, mauve, blue, and gray. Avoid colors that wash you out.

Does choosing a frame style and color sound confusing?

Feel free to have faith in our certified opticians who are specially-trained to help you select the frame style and color to make you look your very best! Learn more about The Optical Boutique here.

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