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Is a Contact Lens Exam Different From a Routine Eye Exam?

Routine eye exams are NOT the same as a contact lens exam. During a routine exam your eye is examined for overall health, vision correction and any serious conditions. If you wear or want to wear contacts, you need a contact lens exam in addition to a routine eye exam to ensure that the lenses are fitting properly on the surface of the eye and your eye health is not harmed by contact lenses.

What is a Contact Lens Fit Evaluation or Re-fit Evaluation?

This exam is necessary if the patient has no history of contact lens wear or if there is a need/desire to change the current contact lens fit. We will measure the surface of your eye to determine what size and type of lenses are best for you.

The Contact Lens Fit is an additional fee to the comprehensive eye examination fee. The fee will cover the initial contact lens evaluation and all contact lens related follow-up visits for a period of 60 days. This fee will range in price depending on the complexity of the contact lenses worn.

How We Determine Our Contact Lens Product Pricing

We keep our prices for contact lens products as low as possible so that we are competitive with major online retailers. Plus we offer savings if you purchase a one year supply of contacts. We also help you obtain manufacturers’ rebates on most brands of contact lenses.

To keep our fees reasonable, if you are new to CarlinVision and wear contacts, please bring your contact lens boxes or a signed copy of your latest contact lens prescription to your appointment.  Additional fees will be charged if we must perform a fitting in order to properly formulate your contact lens prescription.

Why Choose CarlinVision for Contacts?

Here at CarlinVision, we carry all the latest in contact lens technology and specialize in the difficult to fit patients. This includes astigmatism-correcting lenses (toric), multifocal lenses, corneal diseases (i.e. keratoconus), and post-surgical contact lens fits. Our doctors and contact lens technicians are dedicated to your health and safety. We provide all our patients an enjoyable, comfortable contact lens experience.

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