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By Dr. Richard Carlin

As we reflect over the past year, we revel in our accomplishments, acknowledge and learn from our mistakes and look forward to the New Year.

Obviously, on a global and national scale 2018 has been a year of turmoil, divisiveness and unrest. Chaos seems to be rampant, distrust and hatred on the rise. We seem more divided than in any time in recent memory. Previous norms have been upended. We don’t know what will happen next.

All this has been reflected in American healthcare. The future is uncertain. Will Obamacare ultimately be repealed? Will people with pre-existing conditions be denied insurance? Will premiums, deductibles, co-insurance and out-of-pocket costs rise? Will there even be a safety net for our healthcare as we age? Reimbursements are being cut. Physicians and hospitals are consolidating and cutting back. There are fewer physicians and more “physician extenders”.  It is harder to find a doctor when you need one. Offices and hospitals are making do with less staff. Schedules are crowded. Offices are less appealing. In short, the trend and the future can seem  worrisome.

Fortunately, at CarlinVision we have been relatively sheltered from all this. 2018 has been an amazing year for us. Our practice has continued to thrive and prosper. We’ve been fortunate to be able to add new technology, procedures and staff. Indeed, we are planning a major upgrade to our physical facility. We have helped so many people. We have received so many accolades from our patients and our referring physicians and with all this, we have had so much fun working with each other as a cohesive supportive team.

Personally, I feel blessed and am so thankful. It is so rewarding to help people improve the quality of their lives by improving or maintaining their vision. I love coming to work each day and seeing my coworkers who provide so much joy and enrichment to my life, without which I could never do what I do. I can’t wait to see old patients who have become friends and to meet new people. I look forward to the challenges of improving eye conditions and revel in all the advancements in medicine that allow me to do today what I never dreamed of years ago. Finally, I value and am so grateful for the compliments that I receive daily, for a job well done.

And, so for 2019, I look forward with great anticipation. I have no doubt that CarlinVision will continue to be a leader in eye care in the Atlanta area. I know we will continue to provide the quality of care that people deserve in a home-town caring environment that our patients have learned to trust and appreciate. And, in a larger sense, my hope is that we at CarlinVision may serve as an inspiration to others in that honesty, openness, and most importantly respect, civility and decency are traits to be encouraged and emulated.