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During cataract surgery or refractive lens exchange, the lenses of the eyes are routinely replaced with intraocular lenses. Traditionally, lenses were implanted to provide good distant vision so that generally only reading glasses would be necessary. Sometimes, one eye is implanted with a lens focused for distance and the other eye with a lens for near (monovision). The brain adapts so that both distance and near vision is possible without glasses.

Exciting Options – Premium Lens Implants

Premium lens implants, an FDA approved option, can provide each eye the ability to see distance, intermediate and near without glasses. Studies have shown that 90+% of patients with these lenses never need glasses, with some wearing them only occasionally. So for patients who would like to reduce or even eliminate their need for glasses after cataract surgery or a refractive lens exchange, this might be the best option.

What are My Options for Premium Lens Implants?

There are currently three categories of premium lenses:

Multifocal: Tecnis® , ReStor® and PanOptix ®
Multifocal lenses use a system of concentric rings to simultaneously focus light from distant, intermediate and near objects onto the retina so that the brain can select the proper image.

Accommodating: Crystalens® and Trulign®
Accommodating lenses actually move inside the eye. When looking at distant objects the lens rests further back in the eye and when looking at near objects the ciliary muscle contracts moving and arching the lens forward.

Extended Depth of Focus: Symfony® and Symfony® Toric
Extended Depth of focus lenses uses a system of concentric rings in a unique way to provide a smooth transition from far to near vision.

Which Premium Lens Implant is Best?

There is not a single lens that is best for all patients. That’s why we are certified in the use of all available lenses. In that way, we can pick the best lens for each patient’s individual lifestyle. Read about our Cataract IOL Packages.