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Are YOU Scared of Lasik?

Many patients that come in to see me about LASIK often share their fear that the outcome will not meet their expectations. When considering a surgical procedure it is imporatnt to look at the facts. Having performed more than 8500 LASIK procedures, I understand that weighing the benefits versus the risk is normal and that the fear of complications is not to be taken lightly.

What are Your Benefits?

With Lasik, the benefits are obvious:

  • Better vision
  • No longer having to rely on glasses and/or contact lenses
  • Being able to wake up in the morning and see the alarm clock
  • Being able to get up the middle of the night and not have to fumble around for glasses
  • Being able to play sports, enjoy the outdoors and take vacations without having to pack extra contacts or a spare pair of glasses
  • Saving money on contact lens solutions, replacement lenses, prescription sunglasses, etc.
  • Just being able to enjoy life without the encumbrance of a visual aid
  • There is a concern that Lasik will not last and have to be redone after so many years. We have many patients who have had Lasik 15+ years ago and are  still seeing well today. At CarlinVision, where we offer free enhancements for life, our late enhancement rate is approximately 1%. Patient satisfaction with Lasik is extremely high – among the highest of all surgical procedures! 
  • The procedure is painless, done in the office and takes a total of about 15 minutes. The eye is made numb with eye drops, not injections, and almost all patients report improved vision within a few hours and able to drive without glasses by the next day.

What are the Risks?

To evaluate risks, we must examine modern Lasik, not what was done 20+ years ago when Lasik was in its infancy. Fortunately, complications today are rare and generally self-limited or easily treatable.

  • The most common is under and over-correction which, in our practice, averages about 2 out of 100 procedures and is corrected with an enhancement.
  • Surface cells migrating under a LASIK flap occur in 1% and are treated by lifting the flap and cleaning them out.
  • Inflammation under the flap occurs about 1/1000 and is treated with eye drops.
  • Infection after Lasik occurs about 1/6000. That is less that the odds of long term contact lens wear. It is treated with antibiotics, washing out under the flap, etc.
  • The most dreaded complication of course is blindness, which after 16½ million procedures in the United States has yet to be reported!
  • Years ago, patients commonly complained of continuing night glare, ghosting and haloes, which today has virtually been eliminated. With smoother ablations, larger zones and custom treatments. There will be less night symptoms than before while wearing glasses or contact lenses.
  • Dry eyes also used to be a serious post-operative problem. A small percentage may experience increased dryness after a procedure, it is unusual for it to last more than a few months and generally is not severe. We also now have medications and procedures that help alleviate symptoms.

Is Lasik Worth It?

YES it is! We feel strongly that Lasik is always worth a patient’s consideration. The ultimate decision should always be made by the individual. If you are a candidate and have concerns, we have the answers. Let us help you understand more about potential side effects and how we correct unwanted outcomes. If you are not sure if you are a candidate, contact us! Our Vision Correction Facilitators are here to set you up for a free consultation and guide you through all of your options.

Come by and see if you are a candidate and let us personally go over the pros and cons that would affect you. The ultimate decision should always be made by the individual.

Let us address your concerns and answer any Lasik questions. Call 770-979-2020 Option 2 or fill out the Contact Us form.


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